Lord of Ultima Review

Lord of Ultima

Lord of Ultima is a free browser MMO strategy game dedicated in building and growing your empire. Like all town management games, this game allows casual playing at your own pace.

You are the undisputed Lord of this land and by your commands your minions will build all kinds of buildings to collect resources and produce food. You will need the above to finally build your army and defend yourself or attack others. The game grand you a one-week period of protection from attacks but then you're on your own. Until then, make sure to build strong defences and raise a decent army. Of course there are more things to fight against apart from other players. Around the map there are dungeons and mountains infected with bandits, or animal packs. You even get to fight dragons for their loot!

Graphics are pretty sharp for a browser game, although you never get to see any of your units, workers or army. Whatever you do is only indicated by a countdown clock or a progress bar. The multiplayer element is strong, as you will eventually meet other players around you. You can either for an alliance with them, or siege their empires.

The gameplay is straight-forward and not confusing at all, as you known it from similar games. The game won't demand from you more time than you are willing to spend. No crops or labour will be lost, unless you've been attacked and not prepared.

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