Lagoonia Review


As Lagoonia starts, you get to watch the story of a plane crashing in the ocean and then you find yourself in a tiny piece of land, alone, and surrounded by fog. Immediately after that, you are presented with the game's interface and you start the struggle for survival. Maybe the gameplay could be a little bit "cleaner", but the story of being a surviving castaway is quite intriguing.

Your initial goals are simple and are shown in the task list. The general idea is that you can assign to your character to research a building and then build it using materials from the island and the plane wreck. It won't be long until you start finding bottled messages in the sea from other survivors and your sweetheart. Then, under the guidance of the game, you set a beacon on fire to attract them thus ending the first chapter of the game.

You and your sweetheart are finally back together and you can immediately see that they can interact with each other. The islanders now express their feelings and can talk or flirt. Eventually, the family grows and you can end up raising generations of islanders inhabiting your land.

The game is based on the idea of cooperation with others rather than competing against them, so quite early you will be asked to invite your friends to the game, or become friends with other players. You can visit their island to repair something or have them visit your island to replenish your resources.

Unlike other games where you are handed energy by day or by resting, Lagoonia lets you set campfires, fishing nets and many other things that can replenish your energy. With no limit on what you'll choose to build you can have big amounts of energy boosters to keep things going your speed, fast or slow.

Lagoonia is designed to be a social game but it also brings the excitement of exploring new islands, creating useful buildings, gathering resources off anything and, ultimately, creating a dynasty of islanders through lots of friends and work!