Infinite Realms Review

Infinite Realms

Infinite Realms is a science-fiction game surrounding the player as a galactic traveler that must traverse the many galaxies of space on a mission of expanding a realm, and offer protection to a group known as the Confederation. It's a Massively Multiplayer Online Real-time Strategy (MMORTS) persistent browser-based game, launched on Facebook on December, 2010 and has since climbed to over 90,000 active monthly users.

This free Facebook game comes with excellent graphics and has real-time chat for players. The player will be able to control outposts and bases. These also serve as the command centers for a particular planet. In the control posts you are able to build Ration Depots for training military units, gas refineries, armories and barracks with soldiers and military outfits.

All these constructions can only be constructed on free plots on your outpost. The player is able to progress by a quest system with rewards in form of reputation points, rations and other gaming items. Infinite Realms provides you with a list of available resources (such as verdium capsules, shock troopers, lucium crystals, plasma cannons, helmets, raptors, valkarian gloves and minerals among others) at the top of the screen, and construction of appropriate buildings such as Rations depots, refineries, barracks, armories and training facilities ensures you get more resources

The battle zone is for players who feel they have enough soldiers (grouped into military units led by a general who is the hero of the unit) and you can now zoom from the outpost to be able to view bases that can be attacked. You have to choose a general for each of your military unit to lead your army into battle. Being a strategy game, Infinite Realms has an instant replay to enable you to view individual units’ battles. You will also have a mother-ship that will enable you patrol the galaxy. The ship is upgradeable, giving you maximum amounts of rations or troops to sustain your level in the game.

The higher level you achieve in the game, the more alliance members you can create. You can also join alliances of other real-world Infinite Realms players. The game offers you the complexity that you would want in such a sci-fi game. It is also possible to use real world currency to purchase items to enable you to advance in levels. Infinite Realms graphics stand out in the entire Facebook platform and it has an easy to learn gameplay. It's completely free, so why don't you try it?