Grepolis Review


Similar to Ikariam, Grepolis 2.0 is a free to play online browser game taking place in ancient Greece. At the beginning of the game, players are assigned to a tiny city and their purpose is to transform it to an Aegean metropolis!

Every player-controlled cities are located near the shore, in one of the many islands that all together consist the whole game world. There are many cities that are operated by the system. They usually are farming villages, that can be plundered by the nearby players.

There are three main resources in Grepolis 2: Wood, stone and silver, which are all produced in different buildings. To increase the city's population, the player must build farms. To be able to store large amounts of resources, warehouses need to be built.

After the economic state of a city is in a good shape, players should train soldiers, ships and mighty mythological creatures so they can defend from other players' attacks (PvP), or attack them themselves!

Build mighty cities, create strong alliances, take advantage of the Greek Gods' powers and conquer the Grepolis 2 World!

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