Gothador Review


Gothador is a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) that has thousands of active users and it is free to play from any computer having internet access. The aim of the game is to become the strongest character in the Gothador world by attaining the advance levels in the game, defeating other active players in various battles and a lot more.

The game uses a grid-based map. You can select your Gothador character and move around the globe to network and interact with other players. Besides moving, you can also interact with other active players by trading, battling or chatting. As you progress in the game, you will be able to develop your character into one of the advanced classes, which are the following:

Angelic class: you can heal other players and can turn a creature into an infernal.

Demonic class: You can blood-suck humans and Vampires and can turn a creature into a celestial.

Spirit class: You can drain other players’ Mana Points (MP) and Health Points (HP). Also, turn a creature into spirit.

Titan class: Your damage points are multiplied by one hit, but that reduces your chances of hitting.

Additionally, you can accumulate a number of worthwhile skills like Master Miner, Creature Locate, Regenerate, Summoner, Gold Collector, Mine fighter among others and also learn spells like Demonic Teleport, Shadows to help you advance in the game.

You can accept a quest by heading towards the Gothador realm. Once you have accepted a quest, you will not be able to return back to the Gothador realm until the quest is complete. The guard captain will help you by setting up the task of restocking your armoury and searching for various valuables. You can improve your attack points to increase your ability to hit a creature. Also you can improve your defence points to increase your chances to avoid being hit by a creature or another player in the game.

By improving your Health Points (HP), you can obviously take more damage and survive for a longer time. Otherwise, if your Health Points goes down to zero (0) you will be transported to the nearest hospital or medical place that symbolizes your character class and all the gold and platinum pieces that you have collected will be plunged. You can also improve your Mana/Magic Points (MP) to cast more spells. There’s a lot more to explore in this exciting free to play role playing game!

To conclude, Gothador is a free to play MMORPG that encompasses a healthy and large gaming community, full of helpful players from around the world. We would suggest that you get ready and give it a try to experience the world of Gothador!