Goal United Review

Goal United

Goal united is a completely free online football manager game that has rich graphics which makes it feel very much similar to a console/PC game, rather than a browser game! Your main aim in the game is to take your virtual club to riches and glory. As a manager of a football team you will have to compete with other manager players from all over the globe.

In Goalunited, you have to manager your squad, income sources and you can even customise your home stadium! Your very first priority should be to start managing your squad, as your squad members are the ones who will bring success to your club under your leadership.

Each player has different skills, tactics and abilities which you can improve more by investing in right set of coaching. Just make sure you do not over-coach your players as it may increase the risk of injuries. Next, you can (of course) define the team formation and game tactics for every match or you may also sit back by choosing a standard team formation (good for beginners, but if you want real success you have to build your own).

Other than that, you will also have to manage your income sources to fund your team and stadium every week. A major source of income are your sponsors. Additionally, you earn money for winning league matches and from the ticket sales from home matches. Depending on the condition of the stadium, stadium type, comfort level and ticket prices, there may be many or few spectators to come to your matches.

If you are a die-hard football (or soccer as our US friends call it) fan, then Goal united is absolutely a must-try game. The game has excellent interface which makes feel professional and beautiful. The road to success and glory is of course long and rutted, but once you make it you will discover that it's worth it!