Forge of Empires Review

Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires is a browser-based strategy game, created by InnoGames (also known for Grepolis, The West, and Tribal Wars). The game is based on the popular strategy games' style of building an empire from zero. Build, research and fight to grow your kingdom's resources and population and make it to the top of the realm.

You begin the game in a small village with a town hall and some huts. To be able to build ancient pottery, or hunt for resources, you will need workers. Therefore, your first goal is to raise your population. The tutorial will walk you through the basics of the game, so you'll have your first production in no time. You will also be introduced to the research tree, where you can unlock new technologies, allowing you to advance your empire through history eras. The last aspect of the game is the many battles you'll have to fight to expand your territory or defend it from other players.

City design has a unique feature, where you can actually move a building at will within your borders, where in other games you would be forced to sell it and rebuild it just to gain a few extra space. You'll have to invest gold and resources to build buildings so you can get the gold and resources they'll produce. Apart from the production building, you will have to build cultural and decoration buildings to keep your people happy.

Another unique feature of the game is that it contains a single player campaign. Your goal there is to fight or negotiate your way through the entire land until it all belongs to you. Battles are turn-based in a grid terrain and bring the strategic fighting into the game. You can advance technologies and build barracks to strengthen your army.

On the multi-player aspect, you have many "neighbours" that are of similar strength to yours. You can just visit their cities to support them and get a little gold, or fight their defences to steal all the production of a building. Be aware though that you can be attacked at any time, so you should have a defending army waiting. PvP fights are also available, granding you medals.

Yields from buildings must be handpicked, else they won't produce more. Especially at the beginning, you must attend every 15 minutes if you want to keep up. At the end of the tutorial, I felt that I've made a great progress, but after a couple of days I felt the game's progress slowed down. But then, maybe that's the style that suits you as a gamer.

Forge of Empires is an interesting game which has a very nice environment and soundtrack, along with smooth and eye-easing animation. There are many new features, such as a single player campaign and PvP tournaments, as well as the usual features you would expect from a strategy game such as diplomacy and technology research.