Florensia Review


Florensia is a free to play MMORPG made in Japan. It has beautiful anime design and a fantastic world with adorable characters and hoping mushrooms. Don't let the cuteness fool you though, underneath lies a full RPG character 
building system, different for land and sea.

It has a well-known MMORPG style where you follow quests, kill foes, deliver packages and earn experience and gold. Florensia doesn't stop there, as you can also sail the seas of Hoomanil Ocean, while levelling up your sea skills. Both character sheets (land and sea) have a large list of skills and attributes 
to learn. Start with one of three classes and fully customize your hero.

With the dual-gameplay style you can roam the islands for questing through beautiful valleys and towns and from any port you can jump on your customized ship and travel to vast seas. Quests never end for land or 
sea, especially with the constant game updates. The game has all the RPG 
features like Guilds, party, PvP and a unique shopping system, a mix of "personal shop" and auction.

Florensia is a fresh game with beautiful anime environment and characters, full character customization, lots of quests and the unique dual-gameplay 
system. Level your hero on land and sea and face the meanest enemies of 
the game. Download the game for free and enter the world of Florensia!