Farmerama Review


Farmerama is a social MMO game, in which you get to live the life of an electronic farmer. As an owner of a big farm, you have to cater for your fields and animals, while gaining cash by selling your goods.

Very pleasant, with cartoonish looks and easy menus, Farmerama is a fun game to play and it doesn't demand more time than you're willing to give. The concept is clear; you plant seeds in an empty field, water it, fertilize it and after some time you will have your crop! You can also plant trees and raise animals in special farms. Animals need food and water as well and occasionally some cleaning, which will produce your much-needed fertilizer.

The game includes an order system in which customers will place orders to your farmhouse. Then you will try to produce everything they want and sell it to them! You can also take your goods to the market yourself and sell them there. Another aspect of the game is the city. There, you can buy seeds, tools, expand your far, etc.

The game’s cons include the fact that its gameplay sometime feels repetitive and there isn’t so much interaction and competition between players as we would like it to have. Nevertheless, it’s a very pleasant and calm game which deserves to be given a chance!