Dragonica Online Review

Dragonica Online

Dragonica Online is a free to play 3D action-adventure MMORPG created by gPotato which has beautiful manga-styled graphics and a nice gameplay. You start off the game by creating your character, which can be one of the four starting classes: Warrior, Magician, Archer, or Thief. Each character class have their own flair of combat and skills. The gameplay is very much alike to the side scrolling platform combat games of the ‘80s and ‘90s. You march forward, discover rivals, beat them and then go on. This simple style of gameplay makes the game very easy to grasp.

Warriors have enormous strength and skills of swordsmanship making them brilliant fighters and an ideal lead of any battle. Warriors are talented with amazing defensive and offensive melee skills. As the game progresses Warriors can either become punishing Gladiators (and then Myrmidons at level 40 & Berserkers at level 60) or skilful Knights (and later Paladins & Dragoons).

Magicians are trained sorcerers who can destroy several enemies at once with their damaging spells. Magicians lack strength but that is compensated by their powerful magical abilities. As the Magicians progresses, they have an option to either evolve to Battlemages (and then Archmages & Chaosmates) or Healing Monks (later Priests & Clerics).

Archers are the skilled masters of bows and arrows who will fight till the end. Their ranged attacks can prove destructive in long-range battles. As Archers advance in the game, they have the option to improve their skills with traditional weapons and evolve as Pathfinders (Rangers & Sentinels) or use explosive modern weapons and evolve to Arbalists (Grenadiers & Bombardiers).

Thieves are masters of shadows and stealth; they are close-range fighters who use their agility and their dodging abilities to deal massive damage. As Thieves advance, they have an option to become elusive Assassins (Ninjas & Shadow Walkers) or Jesters (Harlequins & Jokers).

The gameplay of Dragonica Online is quite fun and straightforward. Its graphics are the normal manga-style graphics you would expect from such a game with the related music and sound effects. Overall, Dragonica Online includes all the elements we can expect from an MMO game, it has beautiful manga-styled graphics, an easy to grasp gameplay and it’s packed with fun. Download and try it today for free!