Desert Operations Review

Desert Operations

Desert Operations is a browser based massively multiplayer online strategy game placed in the modern world. You begin with nothing but a wasteland, and you have to construct and develop your country by building action, military or production buildings.

Further from developing stuff, you must also pay attention in building strong defences and a war-ready army, placing your units in strategic places so you can defend yourself or declare war against other players. While Desert Operations protects "newbies" until they reach a score of 20.000 points by not letting anyone attack them, you should be running a steady country by then and be ready for what's comming next.

Another way to defend yourself is to join an alliance. Through the power of many you can destroy your attacking foes or march right into their country with combined forces. Get many allies by applying clever politics and ensure a bright future for you and your people.

The think I didn't like about Desert Operations is its user interface, which I personally found a little bit confusing for a new player (also, the tutorial doesn't help), but the good think is that after a while you get used to it.

Anyway, the verdict is that Desert Operations is an interesting game and since it's free you can try it yourself and see if it meets your demands.