Bastards of Hell Review

Bastards of Hell

Bastards of Hell is a free strategy and management simulation browser game. You find yourself in the shoes of an outlaw bicker in the underground New York scene, trying to make your way up while earning money and respect.

The game's user interface is mostly text based mixed with static images; nothing really fancy there. The game's theme though is quite unique and pretty exciting.

You begin by running some small businesses like garages, bars, and strip joints. Keep upgrading them and the cash will start flowing in. As soon as you have enough money, you can hire thugs, debt collectors, and lawyers to help you with your underground business.

To earn money, you'll have to run all kinds of illegal activities, like selling drugs, guns, and protection. While building up your respect, other cities will become available in your map, where you can attack other players or extort protection money from them.

Be always prepared for an enemy raid by keeping your men numbers high. It would be also useful to train them to raise their attributes using your gym. For a biker themed game, the actual bike doesn't come easy as you must spend gold to buy its pieces, or wait until you reach higher levels.

Summing up, Bastards of Hell is a casual browser game which is not an eye-candy, but you'll get real gangster action, competing against other bikers from around the world. Do you have the skills to overcome your rivals and become the master gangster?