11x11 Football Manager Review

11x11 Football Manager

11x11 football manager is a free online multiplayer browser game in a football manager style. You are the founder of a brand new football club, you are its manager and you compete with thousands of other teams created by other players in league games, friendlies and tournaments.

You will have to deal with everything, from transfers and formations, to organizing friendlies, joining tournaments to win cash, even attracting visitors to your stadium.

Matches are displayed in real-time in a 2D bird's eye view, similar to earlier versions of championship manager (before it became football manager). The ultimate goal of the league is to enter the World Cup and compete against the top 11x11 manager players, but this requires virtual money and a dream team.

While you manage to win local tournaments and championships, you'll be given virtual money so you will be able to build a better team. There is also another way to increase your income; you can bet your virtual money on real football matches! Buy upgrades for your stadium, bring more fans in and become the ultimate 11x11 online football manager!

Do you have what it takes to be the best football manager around?