1100AD Review


1100AD is a mmo strategy browser based game that takes you to a medieval realm. Transform your settlement into a majestic city through strategy, growth and diplomacy with others.

You can plan how you will build your city by choosing from a variety of upgrades for each establishment. Change the outcome of a battle while defending by designing your own castle, control your forces in formation or individual and hire advanced heroes to lead your armies to victory in a real time combat. You can try and conquer other players' cities or join an alliance to stay safe and gain privileges.

In 1100AD online, you can mine resources and make money to keep your growth and trade them with other players or you can just rob them by using your force! Using 1100AD's artificial intelligence (AI) system you can leave the tasks you choose to an automatic control and just focus on what you want to control manually. That way, you can devote as much time as you want to the game.

1100AD surely brings something new in the genre by not imitating other medieval strategy games and brings new features in medieval strategy games.